8 Causes Of Excruciating Tooth Pain And Their Treatment

unhappy young woman Tooth Pain

Throbbing pain in the middle of the night or just a mild discomfort while you are eating, a toothache is not something that anyone should be taking lightly at all. A toothache is easily something that can come out of nowhere and can be really discomforting from the get-go. The …

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What is the Role of Curcumin in Allergy?


Allergy: Overview The term ‘Allergy’ can be defined as a type of hypersensitivity which results from the extreme reaction of the immune system to certain ‘allergens’ (substances which trigger an allergy). The common allergens which cause an over-reaction of the immune system, thereby leading to an allergic condition, are: foods, …

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The Important Connection Between a Good Diet and Better Teeth

young beautiful smiling woman pointing the finger at apple

If you are older, you may already know that bad diet habits hurt our teeth. It’s frustrating but true that many fun foods aren’t good for our waistline or our teeth. If you are younger, well, consider yourself warned. As our teeth age, our diet begins to show on our …

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How to Beat Overeating Easily


Indulging in unhealthy foods is the favourite past time for most people, everywhere. But considering that two/thirds of the world’s population are overweight, perhaps people enjoy the foods a bit too much. So why can’t we stop ourselves from consuming too much unhealthy, fatty and sugary food? How do we …

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How Adjusting Your Diet Can Help you Avoid Hair Loss


Diet has a profound effect on your body. What you eat can either help you achieve optimal health or cause health issues. While you may know that the proper diet can help you gain muscle, lose weight, and fight off disease, did you know it can also impact your hairline? …

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