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Guest blogging is an art of sharing your writing in another blogs which you do not run or own. Its a best platform for sharing your words, as it helps to gain more online exposure for your writing. Guest Blogging will not only help you to share your words, but also you are helping other blog owners by providing some great content in the way of articles. As you know every blog does have their own guest post guidelines. As a part of this, we do have some specific guidelines:

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  • Article Topic: Choosing the right topic that is most relevant to the blog is important aspects that will help your article go live sooner. So make sure the article is relevant to our blog. Topics that are related to health, diet, fitness, weight loss, food, recipes, and exercise will be great resource. Please do not send us unrelated articles and waste our valuable time. Unrelated articles will not be published.
  • Article Length: A well researched informative article with more than 850+ words will be great resource for Life Live healthy audience and also for search engines. So make sure the article meets the minimum words with meaning full words.
  • Author Bio: When you write an article and want to share in other blogs, why should you want to hide your profile. Let the world know about you and your writing. So make sure you include a short bio about you with linking to social profiles.
  • Internal and External Link: Relevant internal and external links is always a part of user friendly experience. Hence make sure you include relevant reference links in the article body wherever it’s applicable. We have all rights to nofollow or dofollow the links.
  • Commercial or Advertising link: We are against of including a commercial or advertising link in the article body. But you are allowed to include your commercial or advertising link in the author bio anchoring to your brand name, not the exact or commercial phrase.
  • Media: Visuals are most important part of article post that will attract any audience. So make sure you include relevant images, Infographics, videos with proper attribution where ever necessary.
  • Comments: Reverting to the comments that has received to your post will helps you to build great relationship among your audience. So make sure you frequently look into the post answer the comments or quires.

For reference, please have look on our previous guest posts.

Hope you have read the above guest post guidelines. If you think, your article matches to our requirements, Please feel free to send to “lifelivehealthy052@gmail.com” we will review it and let you know the status asap.

Thank you for valuable time!


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